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What did Foreign Minister S Jaishankar say that angered China, warned in Global Times

India-China Border: China’s state media Global Times has expressed strong objection to a statement by India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. Global Times quoted Chinese experts as saying that S Jaishankar’s statement is a violation of China’s sovereignty, which will not be tolerated. Global Times wrote, ‘India’s Foreign Minister has reiterated India’s intention in a recent interview. He emphasized that bilateral relations depend on peace on the border. Jaishankar also said that the remaining issues revolve around the right of patrolling on the LAC.

Global Times wrote, ‘China’s scholars and defense experts have expressed strong objection to S Jaishankar’s remarks. Chinese experts believe that the statement of the Indian Foreign Minister is an attempt to declare the disputed area under Indian occupation, which is a gross violation of Chinese sovereignty. In fact, India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had recently said in an interview to PTI that ‘the bilateral relationship between India and China depends on the peace of the border, which is not there at present.’

Jaishankar had mentioned PM Modi’s remarks
In an interview to Newsweek last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the border between China and India needs to be addressed urgently. A stable and peaceful environment between India and China is important not only for both the countries but for the entire world. Speaking on this comment of PM Modi, S Jaishankar said that ‘Today our relations with China are not normal, because peace on the border has been disturbed.’ Jaishankar said that after PM Modi’s statement, China should realize that the current situation is not in its interest.

China said it was a violation of sovereignty
Chinese news Global Times quoted Hu Xiong, a research fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, as saying, ‘China should be extremely cautious about S Jaishankar’s comments.’ Hu Xiong said that S Jaishankar’s ‘patrol rights’ comment includes the existing disputed areas within Indian territory. This is a serious violation of Chinese sovereignty. Xiong said, ‘On one hand, PM Modi gives less importance to the China-India border issue, on the other hand, Jaishankar is adopting a tough stance on it. This indicates that the softening of PM Modi’s attitude may be only for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in India.

China accused India of provoking
Chinese military expert Zhang Junshe told the Global Times on Monday that the Indian Foreign Minister probably wants to get India out of the border dispute issue by blaming China. Zhang Junshe said that the reason for the dispute on the border is the provocation being done by India. Zhang said that if India stops instigating, peace can be restored on the border. Zhang also said that the border dispute should be kept away from bilateral relations between the two countries.

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