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What causes memory problems with coronavirus

According to Nadezhda Boyarinova, a neurologist at the SM-Clinic medical holding, the majority of people show changes in the brain on an MRI almost immediately after contracting a coronavirus infection. The virus is able to affect the nervous system and contribute to sleep problems, various autonomic disorders (such as panic attacks), anxiety disorders. It affects the limbic system, cerebellum, and other levels of the nervous system.

Why are there memory problems? The nervous system contains special cells that, in response to a viral attack, produce various anti-inflammatory particles. And since this happens at the level of the hypothalamus, disturbances arise in the centers of memory.

And that is not all. If the virus enters the microvessels of the brain, then it can cause impaired blood circulation in them. All this negatively affects the supply of oxygen to the brain.

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