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What are the most harmful foods on the festive table?

So, in the list of the most harmful products on the festive table there were mayonnaise, sausage, sausages, ready-made minced meat and other semi-finished products. Canned meat, fish and vegetable preserves and crab sticks can also harm your health.

As for alternatives, you can use yogurt, sour cream, or thick yogurt instead of mayonnaise. When choosing cheeses, the specialist recommended choosing lighter varieties, including Adyghe cheese, feta cheese and tofu.

It is worth refraining from pickles and hot sauces, since because of them a person’s feeling of hunger and thirst increases.

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Overeating them, you can drink a lot of fluids. It will not be easy for the body to cope with a large volume of fluid, and even with an abundant intake of food. “, – said Muravskaya.

The nutritionist also advised not to eat potatoes, fatty meats, salads with crackers and chips, white bread and other wheat-containing products.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.



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