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What ammunition of the new generation was shown at an exhibition in Egypt

Russia is also participating in the exhibition. The Tekhnodinamika holding of the Rostec state corporation has its own exposition. Within its framework, ammunition for tank, field and naval artillery with a caliber from 57 to 152 mm from NIMI im. V.V. Bakhirev “. The most interesting line of tank ammunition of 125 mm caliber, including the new “Mango-M” and “Lead-2”. They can be used to shoot at tanks with reactive armor, self-propelled artillery mounts and other armored targets. The peculiarity of ammunition in the increased armor penetration.

In addition, the RPG-30 anti-tank rocket grenade with the NPO Basalt disposable grenade launcher is shown. It is the first and only one in the world that is capable of overcoming any known complexes of active protection of armored vehicles.

The exhibition also demonstrated the ODAB-500PMV volumetric detonating bomb for all-altitude use from aircraft and helicopters. Of interest is the OFAB-500U universal high-explosive fragmentation bomb for destroying military-industrial facilities, lightly armored vehicles, railway junctions, etc.

We will also briefly list other new items:

  • aircraft bombs P-50T and M6 (M6T);
  • fuses of a new generation produced by NPO Poisk I-346;
  • samples of parachute landing equipment produced by the Ivanovo Parachute Plant “Polet”, including the Invisible parachute system.
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