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What add-ons does Tata AIG offer with car insurance to its policyholders?

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Add-ons are optional insurance covers that are offered as part of a comprehensive car insurance policy. These provide a small boost to your policy’s coverage in exchange for slightly higher premiums when you have to account for major losses. Tata AIG offers its policyholders a number of car insurance add-ons to cover natural calamities, unsafe road conditions and other area specific incidents that may cause certain types of damage to your car.

From Tata AIG car insurance Read on to know which add-ons you should choose when purchasing.

Important add-ons to car insurance

Tata AIG offers 17 unique car insurance add-ons to its policyholders to cover a range of eventualities:

1. Zero depreciation

This popular add-on covers the depreciation value in case of repair/replacement of parts of your car, excluding your first two claims. In simple words Tata AIG will cover the entire cost of your repair during the claim.

2. No Claim Bonus Protection

This is useful in cases where you have accumulated a sufficient NCB discount – 50 per cent discount. This allows you to file a fixed number of claims in a policy year without affecting or canceling your NCB rebate.

3. Returns on Invoice

This car insurance add-on reimburses the entire invoice amount of your car in case of total loss or the opportunity to exchange it for a new car at the current value. If the exact make/model is available, whichever is less.

4. Engine safe

It covers the cost of repair and replacement of internal parts of the car engine, such as gear box, transmission etc. that are damaged by water or due to leakage of lubricant. This comprehensive car insurance policy add-on is ideal for flood prone areas and is available for cars less than 5 years old.

5. Tire safe

It covers the cost of repair and replacement of tires and tubes caused by accidents, for example, bulges, cuts, punctures, tire bursts, etc. This add-on is available for cars less than 5 years old.

6. Consumption expenses

It covers the cost of accidental repairs and replacement of reusable parts such as screws, nuts and bolts, engine oil, gearbox oil, distilled water, etc.

7. Roadside Assistance

If your car breaks down outside the city limits or in a remote location where there is limited access to help and resources, it can provide emergency roadside assistance such as vehicle towing services, spot repairs, fuel delivery, etc. Provides.

8. Emergency transportation and hotel expenses

It provides financial assistance in cases where your car becomes totaled due to an accident during the journey. This covers the overnight stay expenses or taxi expenses to the nearest city during your journey.

9. Changing the key

This car insurance add-on covers the cost of replacing a stolen or lost car key. It also covers the cost of replacement of your car locks if your car locks are broken. Keep in mind that this coverage applies only to personal use of the vehicle.

10. Repair of glass fiber and plastic parts:

As the name suggests, it covers damage to glass, fiber and plastic parts without affecting your NCB deductible, with one claim sanctioned per policy year. This is valid only for repair and not for replacement of these parts.

11. Daily Allowance: It provides compensation for a maximum of 10 days of your transportation expenses in cases where your car is under repair for an extended period of more than 3 days. Coverage is provided for 15 days in case of total loss or theft.

12. Loss of personal belongings:It covers loss/damage to personal belongings of you or your family members worth more than ₹250 during an accident. Here, personal belongings mean CDs, clothes, and audio and video tapes. This will not cover money, credit/debit cards, cheques, watches, jewelery and any items or samples related to any trade or business.

Which Tata AIG car insurance add-ons should you buy?

This will entirely depend on your circumstances and insurance needs. For example, if you live in a flood-prone area then you would benefit from their engine protection cover. Or if you live in an area with poor roads or frequently travel long distances by car, a tire protection cover or roadside assistance cover would be more useful.

Some add-ons that are generally recommended to all policyholders are zero depreciation, no claim bonus protection and return to invoice, as most, if not all, of these are used in comprehensive car insurance coverage claims.

Choose the plan you need

Car insurance add-ons are a great way to enhance your basic plan coverage. Since these offer additional coverage, they come at an additional cost, so we recommend that you choose only those that you really need. Assess your coverage needs carefully before choosing a plan. A way to estimate potential costs car insurance calculator Have to use.

It provides real-time estimates and the opportunity to explore multiple combinations of add-ons within your chosen plan, ensuring that you can purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy at a low cost.

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