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Welcome 2023: Robots will reach homes, customer services will be better, medical care will be better

In 2023, robots will become even closer to humans in terms of appearance and ability to act. As domestic helpers and concierges, they are all set to expand their reach to homes this year. At the same time, like AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is also automating most of the work.

RPA software is used to automate business processes. This includes interpreting complex reports, calculating transactions, dealing with data and even answering emails. RPA essentially automates repetitive tasks. Tesla has revealed two humanoid robots. They can do simple tasks like lifting things and watering plants. Hopefully soon we will have robot butlers to help out around the house.

Bionic Ear: Children will be able to hear the chirping of birds

Hearing impaired children will be able to hear with the help of the device. Usually this requires the adoption of a cochlear implant procedure, which is not available for children. With this facility, children will also be able to listen to those tunes, which was not possible earlier. For example the chirping of a bird.

Robotic hands will be made of concrete

Presently, robotic hands made of concrete will be used instead of steel.

Being more powerful and rigid, they will be able to work easily. These will also be cheap, due to which its reach to the common people will increase.

Internet of Things: Customer services will be better, work will be seen in medical care

With the Internet of Things (IoT), we can lock doors remotely. When we return home from work, we already turn on our oven. This facility will increase its reach to a large population.

IoT enables better security, decision making for businesses. Easy to collect and analyze data.

This could enable maintenance for the future, speeding up medical care. Customer service can improve to a level that no one has imagined yet.

important part of smart city

The Government of India has invested around Rs 7,060 crore on the smart city plan. In this plan, the Government of India is focusing on smart parking, smart lighting, smart maintenance, civil safety, smart grid, smart energy and water management in urban areas.


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