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Welcome 2023: How will be the year 2023 in terms of employment, will people get jobs or not?

Job in India: The recent stressed months in the technology sector and the coming year after job cuts due to the era of economic instability globally, many opportunities for people looking for employment Can bring. It is estimated that recruits in the telecom and services sector may accelerate. Experts predict that good opportunities can be found for some time and companies promote an integrated culture of work and life, good talent, May focus on increasing skills and providing flexible working arrangements.

Next year will be mixed
Experts say that in 2023, the interest of recruits will be mainly that companies will focus on moving skilled personnel internally. The companies providing job portals and employees say that the next year for the Indian employment market is mixed. According to them, In the technical sectors, there was a boom in recruits in non-technical sectors, especially in telecom and service sectors, and in 2023, these sectors will continue to contribute significantly to the recruitment landscape.

Important decisions taken
The report of employment services company Teamlies Services said that the recruitment landscape in India’s service sector remains strong in the March quarter as well. Achal Khanna, Chief Executive Officer at the Society for Human Resource Management ( SHRM ) ( India, APAC and MENA ), said, ‘ ‘ Recruitment activities in the technology industry are 18 percent lower this year than in October last year ( Job studies ). In this case, there is no possibility of further setback in the new year as organizations have already taken important decisions.”

Focus on making the workforce more efficient
Indian employment market especially IT services sector is going through some crisis because Meta, Twitter, Microsoft, Snapchat and several other technology companies have announced massive cuts in jobs amid fears of a recession. The IT sector is now likely to continue to move at a slow pace. Experts believe that there will be limited recruits in the coming times and companies will focus on making the existing workforce more efficient.

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Technology sector badly affected
Mayur Tade, Chief Business Officer at Teamlies Services, said ‘ ‘ massive cuts in jobs, The worldwide service sector, especially the information technology sector, has been badly affected due to global turmoil including prohibition on recruits and fears of recession. However, the perception in India remains positive and 77 percent of employers have indicated a good scenario of recruits.” Khanna said that the government’s efforts to promote omnivorous investment through a sharp increase in capital expenditure are also expected to keep pace with the growth in 2023. ( input: language )


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