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“Weird, but interesting.” Critics praised the mystical action Ghostwire: Tokyo

March is not rich in high-profile premieres – many interesting things have already died down in February. An exception to the rule can be considered Ghostwire: Tokyo, a new creation of Tango Gameworks, known for The Evil Within. The release is close at hand, and critics, as usual, were the first to publish their impressions of the novelty. They are mixed.


On Metacritic, Ghostwire flaunts not very flattering scores: the PC port scored 81 points, and the PlayStation 5 version and even less – 75. Critics were divided in opinion – if some (like the staff of Gaming Age and Siliconera) came from a fresh action movie and his stylistics are delighted, other journalists noted that behind an interesting look and a curious idea lies a monotonous action and a short campaign.

A journalist from Metro GameCentral was the toughest on this topic: according to him, the game manages to get bored already on the tutorial. Almost everyone, however, agrees that the developers’ Tokyo turned out to be very beautiful and memorable. Recall that Ghostwire: Tokyo comes out on March 25th. Despite Bethesda Softworks at the helm, the new game will bypass Microsoft consoles and will only be released on PC and PlayStation 5.

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