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We take this feature of the phone lightly, but it does 5 big things, even people who have been using it for years are unaware of it.

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New Delhi. Whenever you have traveled in a flight, the crew member must have instructed you to use the phone in flight mode only. In such a situation, almost everyone thinks that flight mode in the phone is used only during air travel. But, we are going to tell you here how flight mode can help you on many other occasions also.

to save battery
The battery does not drain quickly due to wireless connections being closed. In such a situation, you can use the phone for a long time. This feature helps you a lot especially when you are traveling or have limited access to charging points.

for fast charging
If you are short of time and want your phone to be charged as soon as possible, then you can turn on airplane mode by putting the phone in charging mode. This stops many wireless connections of the phone and helps in charging the phone as quickly as possible.

Focus and Productivity
Airplane mode creates a distraction-free environment by blocking calls and notifications. In such a situation, staying calm helps you focus on any work and you can increase your productivity.

Some people also prefer to turn off wireless connections in public places like hospitals or libraries for privacy or security reasons. Because Airplane Mode ensures that any unwanted signals from your device do not affect sensitive equipment.

It is useful to reset the network
Airplane mode helps to reset the network. Because, it restarts your device’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular network modems. Due to this, they have to search for the best signal in the area.

That is, overall, Airplane Mode helps you in many ways even outside the flight. Apart from the points mentioned above, Airplane Mode is useful for many other purposes like avoiding roaming charges and digital detox.

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