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We are not only troubled by the fall of the rupee against the dollar, and the currencies of many countries are also suffering.

Dollar: Every morning the fresh rates of rupee are issued in the currency market and the depreciation of rupee in India seems to be increasing. The reason for the fall of the rupee is that the experts have expressed apprehensions that soon we will have to spend up to 80 rupees for the dollar and this can happen anytime. The rupee has opened at 79.03 against the dollar today, but it has touched its all-time low of Rs 79.39 per dollar last week.

While this depreciation of the Indian currency rupee is a matter of great concern for us, it shows that the dollar is increasing its credibility as a global currency. The Indian Rupee is compared to the US Dollar and this currency runs for transactions in many countries of the world. While we are troubled by the decline of our currency, there are many countries of the world who have to pay 80 rupees or more in their currency against one dollar.

Which currency has the same condition as Rs.

    • First of all, if we talk about Indian Rupee, then today we have to pay 79.03 rupees per dollar for 1 dollar.
    • The condition of the sterling pound or (GBP) is not good for the British currency or its surrounding territories. Here for 1 dollar, 97.51 pounds have to be paid per dollar.
    • The level of Afghan Afghani of Afghanistan is also looking like the rupee and for 1 dollar, 87.86 Afghan Afghani have to be paid.
    • Talking about Bangladesh Taka, 93.62 Bangladeshi Taka has to be spent for 1 dollar.
    • The Indian currency rupee runs in Bhutan and here one dollar has to cost Rs 79.06 per dollar.
    • What is the condition of the currency of other countries of Asia?
    • Talking about the neighboring countries of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal, the currency here is falling very fast against the dollar. For 1 dollar in Sri Lanka, one has to pay 360.55 Sri Lankan rupees.
    • In Pakistan, against 1 dollar, you have to pay Rs 209.4 per Pakistani rupee.
    • In Nepal one has to pay 126.49 Nepalese rupees for 1 dollar.
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