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Waterlogged Smartphone, Phone fell in water these tips will work for you

Waterlogged Smartphone: Whether  the smartphone is expensive or cheap, it is dear to everyone. What happens when something dear to life gets affected. In such a situation, everyone’s hands get cold. What if your smartphone full of important documents and pictures falls into the water. Even for a moment, a wave of fear can run on your face. However, before such a situation comes, if you know what to do in such a situation, then you can reduce your anxiety a bit.

In this article, we are going to tell some methods which you can follow in case of such trouble. Although many methods are suggested to avoid such situations, but you should follow the same method which is correct. Means what electronics companies recommend at such a time, it matters.

At least water entered the smartphone

If your smartphone has fallen in water, then the first attempt should be to get the phone out as soon as possible. Try your best that at least water enters the smartphone. Switch off the smartphone immediately after taking it out of the water. 

Try to dry the smartphone in these ways

After taking the smartphone out of the water, immediately clean the water on the outer body of the smartphone with the help of a light or cotton cloth. You can also take the help of towels for this. After wiping the water of the smartphone, try to dry it under the fan. 

Apart from this, silica gel beads can be used to dry the smartphone. After wiping the water off the smartphone, place the smartphone in a large container and fill it with silica gel beads. Put the lid of this container and wait for at least 72 hours. Silica gel beads have the ability to absorb moisture. That’s why this method can also be effective. 

What not to do to dry the smartphone

Some people use a dryer to dry the smartphone. Keep in mind that doing this damages the smartphone. That’s why don’t do this even by mistake. Apart from this, avoid keeping the smartphone in the rice container as well. In this way also the smartphone gets damaged.


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