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Watch 3D movie on smartphone sitting at home by spending just Rs 150, the fun will be doubled

New Delhi: Generally, more money has to be spent for watching 3D movies than for normal movies. Till now it was possible to watch 3D movie only by going to the cinema hall. You can watch movies on smartphones and TVs in normal print, but now you can also watch 3D movies very easily in smartphones and computers. You do not need to spend much money for this.

Buy 3D glasses online from Amazon by spending just Rs.150. After this you have to install an app on the smartphone. You can also watch movies in computer or laptop without the help of any software. For this it is very important to have VLC player (VLC).

Watch 3D movie like this in computer or laptop
1. To watch 3D movie in computer and laptop, first install VLC player or KMP in it.
2. To download the movie in 3D print, search Olamovies in Google Chrome browser.
3. From this website you can download any movie in 3D print.
4. Search your favorite movie on this website, click on its download option, here you will get 3D HD MP4 and many more options.
5. Download the movie by clicking on 3D quality.

Do this setting in VLC player
1. After downloading the movie in 3D print, open VLC player.
2. Play the 3D movie in this player, then click on Tools.
3. Go to Settings by clicking on Effects & Filters.
4. Then click on Video Effect.
5. Go to Advanced and turn on anaglyph 3D.
6. Now you can watch any movie in 3D in VLC player.

Watch 3D movie like this in smartphone
1. Download DiMe 3D player from Google Play Store to watch 3D movie in smartphone.
2. You can also watch movies in 3D from YouTube.
3. Go to YouTube and search for 3D anaglyph video.
4. After this, you can watch any movie or video in 3D.
5. You can also watch the film by visiting the Red Cyan Videos channel.
6. Buy 3D glasses from Amazon to watch movies in 3D print on smartphones and laptops.
7. With the glasses used in the cinema hall, you will not be able to watch the movie in 3D in smartphones and laptops.

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