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War stopped by sending messenger in Ramadan, PM Modi said big thing on Israel-Hamas war

Israel Hamas War : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a big revelation regarding the Israel-Hamas war. He said that during the holy month of Ramzan, India had requested to stop the war. For this, a special messenger was sent from India, so that the war could be stopped. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to India’s request and approved the ceasefire.

Let us tell you that the friendship between India and Israel is decades old. Be it Kargil war or Gaza war, both the countries have helped each other. PM Modi said in an interview that it was the month of Ramadan, then I sent one of my special envoys to Israel. Israel’s PM and President had to meet everyone. I said, explain to them that at least they should not drop bombs in Gaza during Ramadan. Here you surround me with the issue of Muslims, but Modi stopped the bomb attacks in Gaza during the month of Ramzan, but I do not publicize it.

Who was the messenger whom the PM discussed?
The messenger that PM Modi was talking about during the interview was actually National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. Doval had visited Israel on March 11, just before Ramzan. He met Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and discussed regional development. He also asked to pay attention to the needs of the people in Gaza. There was a severe shortage of food items in Gaza in those days. Israeli PM had also given this information on X. In the meeting, Doval talked about the release of hostages and humanitarian assistance. Let us tell you that in October, Hamas had attacked Israel and killed 1200 people. They had also taken 250 Israeli people hostage. Doval also met Israeli counterpart Tjakhi Hanegbi. The PM has hinted towards stopping the ceasefire in this Yatra during Ramzan.

Indian students were expelled by stopping the war in Ukraine
Earlier, India had also played a role in stopping the Ukraine war. PM Modi was also in touch with the leaders of UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. The PM had also talked to Putin and Zelensky during the Russia-Ukraine war and had achieved a ceasefire for some time. During this time, Indian students trapped there were evacuated.


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