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“War dogs descending from the sky. Air Assault,” Video Shows Drones Dropping Weaponized Robots

The four-legged Spot-like robot from Boston Dynamics is once again the subject of a new video that went viral on Twitter and Reddit. This video shows how it is delivered to the place by a drone, after which the robot, equipped with a firearm, goes further on its four limbs.

The video was first uploaded to the Kestrel Defense Weibo page before making its way to American social media. A drone called the Red Wing can fly behind enemy lines to deliver a robotic dog, the defense company said.

Machine translated from Chinese in the description of the video contains the following words and phrases: “War dogs descending from the sky. Air assault. Red Wing Forward’s super-powerful drones deliver dog fighting robots that can be directly brought behind enemy lines for a surprise attack. It can be placed on top of buildings occupied by the enemy, or occupy other dominant heights to suppress firepower. At the same time, ground troops carry out an attack on the enemy in the building.

At the moment, it is not known at what stage of development this complex is.

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