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Want to trouble friends, do these 3 easy pranks with smartphone


The easiest prank is a screenshot, because of which people get upset very quickly.
Apart from this, text replacement can be pranked, people have difficulty in chatting.
By pranking the smartphone slow, people are not able to use it quickly.

new Delhi. Most of the people spend their time on Smartphone or Laptop. Both these are such devices, which people always carry with them. People get upset when there is any kind of problem in this even for a while. Not only this, some people take it to the mechanic if there is a slight fault in the smartphone. If you also want to have fun with such friends, then you can do 3 easy pranks with them.

You will not need to take the help of any separate website or app to prank. You can do these from your smartphone’s settings and screenshots. Let us now tell you how you can execute these pranks.

screenshot prank
Talking about the easiest prank, screenshot is number one in this. Now you must be wondering how it is possible to prank with this. For this, first of all, after opening the smartphone lock, take a screenshot with all the icons. Now set this screenshot as wallpaper. After this, remove all the apps or icons present on the screen. Now anyone who has a smartphone will repeatedly try to open the app by pressing the icon present on this screen, but he may get upset because no app is open.

text prank
Text replacement prank comes at number two. There are very few people who know about it. You can do this very easily by going to the settings of the smart phone. Perhaps you are also thinking that how text replacement can be a prank. For this, first click on the setting of the smartphone. After this, after going to General Settings, click on the top of the keyboard. Here you have to click on text replacement. Save it by changing the opposite of all the words like love to hate. Now whenever your friend writes these words while chatting, then he may get upset after coming opposite.

smartphone slow prank
One of the easiest and best pranks is the smartphone slow feature. Yes, you heard it right, you can slow down any smartphone very much according to yourself. For this, first click on the setting. After that go to the Developer Options section. Here you will see many options, out of which click on animated duration scale. Select it by clicking on it 10x. After this, also make Transition animation scale 10x. Now cut this setting. Whenever your friend will use a smart phone, he may get upset because of its low speed.

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