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Want to experience Windows 11? This is the way!

Windows 11 is coming to give you the best experience that Microsoft has designed this year. The new operating system is promised to debut later this year as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. Still, if you can’t wait and are looking for a way to download Windows 11 right away then you can definitely go a short way and download the Insider Preview build of the latest operating system on your system today. can. This will provide you an opportunity to experience Windows 11 before the public launch of this OS.

Microsoft hasn’t given an exact timeline about when we’ll get Windows 11 as an upgrade on our Windows 10 machines. Nonetheless, Washington-based company Redmond is expected to launch it by early October. This means you will be able to get the new Windows version on your machine later this year or next year depending on the rollout process.
However Microsoft has provided Windows 11 Insider Preview for you to test out the latest Windows operating system before its official rollout. Here we are telling you how you can download it.

How to download Windows 11 on your PC

Before proceeding with how you can download Windows 11 Insider Preview on your PC, it is important to note that Insider Preview builds are specifically designed for testing purposes and not to be installed on your primary computer. Huh. You’ll also experience some bugs and errors in the meantime, and some features that Microsoft introduced last month. Displayed Yes, they are not part of the Insider Build. Still curious to get started? So you can follow the steps given below.
First you sign up for the Windows Insider Program. For this, do these steps- Settings > Update & Security > Select Windows Insider Program. After that press on Register and Sign Up. If you’re already part of the Windows Insider community, you can sign in to your account and click Start to start your flight.

Review the Privacy Statement and Terms that appears on your screen and click on Submit.
To download and install the current Windows 11 build for Windows Insider Preview, select Dev Channel from Insider Settings and hit the Confirm button.
Your machine will now ask you to read the Microsoft Insider Privacy Statement and Agreement. Once you have reviewed the statement and conditions, click on Confirm.
Now click on Restart Now to restart your machine to get Insider Preview build.
After restarting make sure you are connected to an active internet connection. You can then go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click on the Check for updates button.
Your PC will start downloading the latest build from Microsoft servers.

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