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Want to earn from Youtube? Do not upload this video even by forgetting, it will be blocked

New Delhi. With the rapid change in technology, the way of earning is also changing. If you have talent then you have many ways to earn. One such way is to earn from YouTube. But first you need to understand some things about Youtube. YouTube also has its own policy and it gives an opportunity to earn on the same basis.

Youtube Partner Program Policy-

Youtube started a few years ago called the Youtube Partner Program (YPP). In this, users are paid for uploading good content. From time to time, YouTube keeps on changing its policy. If someone does not follow that policy, then he is removed from this program by YouTube. Also after that he has to follow everything again which happens for a new youtube channel.

Which videos should I avoid uploading?

There are many things you should keep in mind while uploading videos to Youtube. According to the YPP policy, your YouTube channel should not have the same content. Also, there should not be any repeat content. Also, no money will be given on drugs, sexual and social divisive content. If your YouTube channel does this repeatedly, then the company also has the right to block it. Even if your YouTube account is recovered later, it will be excluded from the YPP program.

It is also necessary to have viewers on the video-

Youtube’s policy says that there should be constant viewership on the channel. If the viewers do not come, the channel will be reviewed once again in a few months. Youtube gives the option of advertising from the audience itself and a part of the earnings from the advertisement also goes to the owner of the channel. If the content is good then it can also earn a lot of money.

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