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Want leave from invoice? So download this app soon, the police will not do the checking

New Delhi: There are many people in the country who are afraid of deducting the challan. Yes, there are many different reasons for deducting invoices. But if your challan gets deducted every day just because you forget to keep the vehicle documents with you, then this is very useful news for you. Yes, let us tell you that now you will not have such a problem, and you will be saved from deducting the challan. The thing of the work is that in fact an app has come on which you can keep all your documents safe and after that you do not have to worry about anything, the police can stop you but after seeing this app. Will let you go without checking, so let’s know about this app…

Digi Locker App is very effective

Let us give you important information that the name of the app we are talking about is Digilocker app, this is a very trending and essential app for every vehicle owner, yes, due to this you can save your vehicle from driving. In fact, when you take your vehicle and its documents are not with you, whether it is pollution or vehicle registration or your driving license, you will not have any of these documents with you, then the traffic police have the right to He can deduct your invoice.

In such a situation, if you do not want this, then you can download this 19 MB app from Google Play Store. After downloading this app, you just have to upload your necessary documents on it, after which you will not be afraid of deducting the challan.

If the traffic police stop…

If you are stopped by the traffic police, then you have to first show these documents present in the DigiLocker app on your smartphone to the traffic police. Let us tell you that this is a government recognized app, so no traffic police can refuse to accept it. If you have a physical copy, then you can show it, but if you are not traveling with a physical copy, then you can save yourself from challan by showing the documents present in the app, so then what is the delay, do it soon. App download.

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