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Want a smartphone from an unusual manufacturer instead of Samsung and Xiaomi? This is how it will be in practice

In 2015, when the ruble “showed negative growth”, Russia again began to look for alternatives to the inadequately expensive “gnus-ski-sleepyheads”. And this time they discovered Huawei and Xiaomi – Honor 4C at one time became a symbol of “official factory China, inexpensive”, and Xiaomi Redmi 3 (yes, it was he, and not this Mi 4 of yours for people with extra money) that became a people’s favorite in the rank of “unofficial China, but without hieroglyphs, and … oh my God, it has 4000 mAh! in a budget smartphone! “

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, many smartphone manufacturers have become extinct, but the rest of the prices bounced back … well, relatively. But in the second half of 2021, an unhealthy fuss began with an increase in the price of mobile phones – while prices are not raised head-on, just new models of smartphones come out with characteristics worse than old models and we got to the point where Samsung with a “freezing, but not always, but periodically” system on a Chinese budget processor, with a 720p (!) screen and a normal amount of memory costs … 19 thousand rubles!

I immediately remember the era of the same insanity, only in 2018, when the Samsung Galaxy A6 with a 720p display, 8 cores and 3/32 GB (then it was considered the norm, as it is now 128 GB) cost … 22 thousand! Three years have passed, most of the characteristics have changed, mainly “to maintain the pants as technical progress”. That is, from the cool Samsung Galaxy M31 with a 1080p display, 6000 mAh and a Snapdragon processor, they returned to this kind of scrap metal, the red price of which is 13 thousand.

Xiaomi has just started to get impudent – Poco M4 Pro 5G with an IPS display and a camera like the budget Redmi 10 with 128 GB costs … 22 thousand rubles! And Xiaomi is such “okay, so be it, in a limited time you can take it for 20 thousand.” Despite the fact that in 2019 Xiaomi rolled out almost the same Redmi Note 8 Pro за 19990 in the office (and even cheaper on Ali).

Realme has been doing well for now, but this is because the old Realme 8 and 8 Pro models need to be sold, and what will happen to Realme 9 – only Xi Jinping knows. Therefore, it would be necessary to start looking for alternatives, if budget-level mobile phones there, too, exceed 20 thousand.

What kind of smartphone is on the review, and why exactly it

You didn’t think that I’m going to get the unexplored cheap and cool models of Samsung, Sony, OnePlus or at least Nokia right now? Well, that’s nice – you can’t be so naive, because smartphones from these manufacturers are even more expensive. And we will have, as in 2010-2015, to delve into the mobile phones of “unknown” manufacturers in order to choose from them what makes sense to buy. Well, or not to buy, but just be aware of what all these cool “on paper” mobiles are in practice.

We will publish a review of the Tecno smartphone, which looks decent and according to the declared characteristics (there is a chance that there will be a good unit), we will publish heroes in smartphones, these are the first to make a good quality budget mobile phone. Secondly, as long as they are not star-studded, the guys put up with everything that we now write here, and the third candidate for “decent smartphones is inexpensive”, iQOO, is not sold in Russia. We work with what we have.

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