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Want a cool sound in your apartment for music and movies, but no room? “The technique has reached”, now there is a way out

However, do not forget that Sonos Beam gen 2 is an independent and complete product. Complementing it with other gadgets is an option, and not all buyers need it. Personally, the soundbar is enough for me one hundred percent. Feelings of infringement due to the lack of a sub and rear areas do not arise. But if it seemed that the soul requires not just juicy, but downright killer bass – take the Sub wireless subwoofer. It is sold separately from Sonos. If you want even more surround sound – buy a pair of Sonos One, which work both as standalone smart speakers and as rear channels in a home theater. I give a life hack for the budget conscious: on weekdays they can be kept apart, for example, in the bedroom and the nursery. And in a home theater, use only on weekends, when the whole family gathers for a thorough viewing of films or TV series.

How is Beam gen 2 different from the first generation?

The list of changes is decent, but not entirely unambiguous. To say that this is a full-fledged “nextgen” and urgently humiliate the owners of the first generation does not seem to want to. But those who have just been looking at buying a soundbar lately should be happy about everything new in Beam gen 2. In price, however, the new model has also “improved” a little (in favor of the seller, of course), but you know, how has the cost of electronics been increasing lately?

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