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Walmart Jobs Fired: Walmart fired 200 of its employees, see what is the reason

Walmart Job Fired Employees : The effect of the world’s crumbling economy and rising inflation is now being seen directly. Let us tell you that now the phase of layoffs has started in big companies. Walmart, one of the world’s largest retail companies, has laid off many of its employees. Walmart has laid off about 200 corporate employees.

Walmart has 1.6 million employees in America
Walmart has taken this decision keeping in mind the better position of the company for a strong future. In the same US, Walmart employs about 1.6 million employees.

money invested in this sector
Walmart Company Spokesperson says that “We are updating ourselves and developing select roles to better position the company for a stronger future. The company is engaged in e-commerce, technology , is investing in key areas such as health and wellness, supply chain and advertising sales and is creating new roles to support our growing services.

Amazon reduced 1 lakh employees
Let us inform you that earlier Amazon has reduced about 1 lakh employees from its workforce. Also, Shopify and Robinhood have announced layoffs, while many big tech companies have slowed down the pace of hiring.

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