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VW sales hit 10-year low in 2021, but BMW had a record-breaking good year

According to the Volkswagen Group (VW), in 2021, the lowest sales figure in the last 10 years is recorded. During the year, the automaker managed to sell 8.9 million cars. At the same time, sales under the Volkswagen brand decreased by 8.1%, falling short of 4.9 million units, and in China even by 14.8%. True, sales of VW battery-electric vehicles in China have quadrupled. We add that battery electric vehicles still account for only 5.1% of the total supply of the Volkswagen Group.

“Volkswagen Group has achieved satisfactory sales results under extremely difficult conditions,” said Sales and Marketing Director Klaus Zellmer. “However, it was not possible to completely offset the huge impact on the production of the lack of chips.”

On the contrary, the year was successful for BMW: 2.21 million BMW cars were sold, which is a record.

Daimler reported that sales of Mercedes-Benz cars in 2021 decreased by 5%, leaving this company behind BMW in the premium car segment for the first time in five years. Looking at this segment alone, Mercedes-Benz sales in Europe fell 11.2%, while BMW sales rose 3.9%.


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