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VROOM Drag Race is back for 2022: Know the biggest drag meet in India

They are competing for the fastest time in a quarter-mile stretch of runway. The time will be calculated officially with the officials of FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Club of India) who will preside over the race and the official time sheet. Ahead of VROOM 2022, here’s what you need to know about India’s premier drag racing event.

04 March 2022 – Day 1

Proceedings are set to begin very early on the first day of VROOM 2022, even though no races will be held on that day. The first day is when the scrutiny and final registration related processes will take place.

The participants and their machines will be checked under the watchful eye of race officials. Vehicles will be checked to see whether standard safety practices have been followed and officials will check for any abnormalities that may hinder the running of the machine in the event.

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In addition, the riding gear worn by the participants will also be thoroughly checked. All participants in the two-wheeler segment are required to wear a leather race suit with back and knee protectors, full-length race boots, full-gauntlet gloves and a proper full-face helmet with double-D rings.

A crash helmet, proper race shoes and gloves are required to be worn on top of their fast four-wheeled machines. Riding and driving gear as well as being on board/driving the machine shall be thoroughly checked.

If a rider/driver or team is interested in walking down the quarter mile before riding/driving, there will be some time for foot-based reiki of the track.

VROOM Drag Race is back for 2022: Know the biggest drag meet in India

05 March 2022 – Day 2

This is where drag racing begins. March 05, being a Saturday, will see Indian cars and bikes taking to the quarter mile in an attempt to clock the fastest possible time. From stock cars and bikes to modified monsters on wheels, the fastest machines built in India will take the quarter mile.

Two-stroke or four-stroke, small bike or large bike, take your choice. If cars are your choice, expect them to race everything from the humble Maruti Suzuki Zen to the hyper Honda City sedan pushing hundreds of horses. Must have an exciting time at the drag strip.

06 March 2022 – Day 3

The final day is also the day most Drag Race enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for. This is the day the event and possibly the country’s fastest quarter mile time will be set. This is what happens when exotic bikes and cars head towards the drag strip. Also, it could be one of the loudest days in your life so far.

It’s ready to be a super bikes and super cars-galler. The fastest and loudest cars and bikes from across the country will compete against each other to claim the title in their respective classes. Suzuki Hayabusa and BMW S1000RR motorcycles will clash with each other to thrill the biking enthusiasts.

If you love your supercars, you are definitely going to be in for a treat with cars from Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, etc.


Classification of participants on the basis of their machinery is very important to ensure fair competition for all participants in the VROOM Drag Meet. At present there are 35 classifications under four wheelers and 20 classifications under two wheelers.

However, it is worth mentioning that a minimum of 10 entries are required to form a square. Also, as part of empowering women in motorsports, there is a separate classification for female riders and drivers.


The last date to register for participation is 28 February 2022 and interested candidates can apply online at Furthermore, the participation fee for the event starts from just Rs 2,000, which increases according to the classification chosen. Participants can also call on +91-7022450500 to know more about VROOM Drag Meet.

spectator pass/ticket

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Passes/tickets to watch Drag Race are available for all those who want to see the fastest two and four wheeler machines in India. For your convenience, tickets for the Vroom Drag Meet can be purchased online and the price starts from Rs.300 per person only.

It is also worth mentioning that all COVID related protocols for the state of Tamil Nadu must be followed at the venue and this includes a double-immunization certificate.

Thoughts about VROOM 2022 before its launch

VROOM Drag Meet is one of the biggest drag racing event held in India. The 2022 event is its sixth edition and is sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the country. In addition, the Vroom Drag Meet provides an opportunity for many aspiring racers, tuners and racing teams to showcase their skills and talents to the world.


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