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VR Holoride now also in Audi: videos and games can be synchronized with the car

The other day, the manufacturer Audi announced the introduction of VR Holoride technology into its auto production. As early as June, select Audi models with the MIB 3 infotainment system, including the A4, A6, A8, Q5 and e-tron GT, will ship with the necessary software to sync with Holoride-compatible headsets.


Developers refer to the advantage of this VR technology as the function of “adaptable content” – when passengers are immersed in an interactive video or game, their experience is synchronized with the car’s transmission shifts. For example, when passengers play space races, their virtual reality ship will speed up, slow down, and maneuver like a real car.

Holoride is separate from Audi, but other automakers will be able to support this technology in their vehicles. The content creation software Holoride is also open source, which gives those who want the opportunity to edit or come up with something of their own.

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