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Volkswagen car logos will be equipped with speakers to scare away kangaroos This is the only effective solution

Volkswagen, in collaboration with specialists from the University of Melbourne in Australia, has developed and is currently testing special speakers designed to deter kangaroos. These speakers will be integrated into a special version of the Volkswagen car logo known as the RooBadge.

Although there are no specific details about this development, it is known to be a patented technology that emits special signals in areas frequented by kangaroos, thereby reducing the occurrence of tragic accidents. It’s worth noting that in Australia, 90% of car accidents involving wild animals are attributed to kangaroos.

To mitigate such accidents, Volkswagen vehicles will feature speakers emitting kangaroo deterrent signals, integrated into both the logos and, in the future, the number plate holders. Graham Coulson, an associate professor at the University of Melbourne, reported excellent results from tests conducted on the RooBadge. Coulson emphasized that this solution currently stands as the most effective.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that other automakers will follow suit by equipping their logos with similar speakers on vehicles destined for the Australian market.


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