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Volkswagen and Bosch join hands for hands-free driving technology

Volkswagen has joined hands with Bosch to develop automated driving software. Both the companies gave information about this agreement through their social media channels on Tuesday. Under this deal between Volkswagen’s software subsidiary Cariad and auto supplier Bosch, automated driving software will be developed for future vehicles. Level 2 autonomous driving will be released through this software and Volkswagen says that the company will install this system in its vehicles in 2023.

Volkswagen made this partnership between Cariad and Bosch through its Twitter handle Information Gave. “Hands-free driving functions for one of the world’s largest vehicle fleets: @cariad_tech and @BoschGlobal teaming up with over 1,000 experts to launch #AutonomousDriving across all vehicle classes,” the company wrote.

On the other hand, Bosch has also informed about this partnership through a tweet on his Twitter handle.

of Reuters accordingVolkswagen’s software subsidiary Cariad and Bosch have partnered to develop software for autonomous driving in Volkswagen’s passenger vehicles, the two companies said in a joint statement. The software will enable ‘Level 2’ autonomous driving, which includes hands-free driving in cities, rural areas and on motorways. Simultaneously, a ‘Level 3’ system will also be developed, which will handle all the driving tasks on the motorway.

As we mentioned, Volkswagen will install Level 2 driving systems in its vehicles by 2023. The company has also clarified that this software and its component parts will later be used in vehicles of other car makers as well.

For Cariad, Volkswagen aims to supply 60 percent of software for Volkswagen vehicles by 2025, up from the target of 10 percent when Cariad was founded in 2020.

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