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Volcanic explosions ruined the ‘sister’ of the Earth, Nasa’s study revealed about this planet

When it comes to the possibilities of life outside the Earth, scientists have always been keeping an eye on Mars. Although some scientists recommend to explore the planet Venus as well. Now a NASA study says that Venus was once a water world like Earth, but the excessive volcanic activity there turned it into an acidic hot planet. A study published in the Planetary Science Journal in April this year suggests that hundreds of thousands of centuries of volcanic activity on Venus may have left it uninhabitable.

Venus is the second planet in our solar system. Mercury’s number comes before that, while Earth is at number three. Venus is considered the sister planet of the Earth, although it is not possible for life to be possible here in the current environment. The average temperature of the atmosphere of Venus is 462 degree Celsius. It is many times more than that of Earth. The clouds that form on Venus rain sulfuric acid. Because of this life is not possible on this planet.

The study says that these conditions on Venus were created due to excessive volcanic eruptions. Scientists believe that volcanic eruptions changed the planet Venus from a wet and temperate planet to a hot and dry planet. Dr. Michael J. Way of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies said that we are not yet sure how often such incidents happened. To understand the planet Venus more closely, NASA has planned the DAVINCI mission, which is to be launched before the year 2029.

many scientists on venus mission launch have been advocating to do so. They believe that Venus may be a better candidate for such research than Mars. In a report presented at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Paris a few months ago, experts called for launching a mission to Venus instead of Mars. Dr. Noam Igenberg of Johns Hopkins University and supporters of ‘Venus flyby’ said that Venus is always ignored because the atmosphere there is extremely difficult. Experts say that at present NASA is considering the path from Moon to Mars as ideal, while we are also making a target for Venus on the same route.


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