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How to make a backup of your cloud storage 

Clouds are usually perceived as a place for storing backups of folders and files from local sources, but situations often arise when you need to automate the backup of the storage itself. Let’s figure out how to create backups of information from the cloud. This can be done both by means of the operating system and using third-party programs and services.

To begin with, we note that there are cases of data loss from various cloud storages . If you use the free version of the service, the chances of recovering information or receiving compensation from the developer tend to zero. This fact makes the issue of creating a backup copy of the cloud storage even more urgent.

Automatic backup via computer 

Algorithm of actions on the example of Google Drive and Windows OS :

  1. In the cloud, select folders for backup, or copy all folders and files into one directory if you need to backup all data. 
  2. In the Google Drive desktop app, tap the gear icon. 
  3. In the menu that appears, select “Settings”.
  4. Click “Add folder” and specify the directory with which the cloud data will be synchronized.
  5. In the Windows search bar, enter “reserve”.
  6. Select “Backup Options” or “Back Up Computer Data”. 
  7. In the window that opens, click “Configure backup”.
  8. Select the backup medium and folder specified in step 4. 

This method can kill two birds with one stone: set up a backup of cloud storage data, and at the same time automate the backup of operating system system files.

Programs and services for backing up to another cloud

There are many programs and online services for backing up cloud data to other cloud storages.

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One of the most convenient ways is the free Multcloud service. All popular cloud storages are supported, as well as copying via FTP and MySQL , which allows you to drop backups almost anywhere. If you have some exotic cloud and it is not listed, try adding it via WebDav .

Multcloud has an intuitive interface and minimal settings. To connect the necessary storages, log in to the corresponding services, then go to Transfer to set the copying parameters. The service configures a backup of both the entire cloud and individual files and directories.

The free version has a copy limit of 2 terabytes. If you share a link to Multcloud on social networks, the limit increases to 10 TB. To speed up access to the service, add it to your Favorites or install the extension for the Multcloud Chrome browser.


Rclone is free and open source software for all popular operating systems including Windows, Linux , MacOS , Solaris , FreeBSD, and more. Works with all cloud storage, other external services, local media. Minimizes traffic, encrypts data on the fly if necessary.

Rclone has a ton of possibilities. Unfortunately, when using this tool both in the command line mode and launching the web interface, an unprepared user can face a lot of difficulties. The software is no different.


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