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Vodafone giving ‘999999..’ VIP number free, order from home

new Delhi. If you are thinking about buying VIP Number then Vodafone can prove to be the best option for you. Because from here you can easily buy Free Vanity Number. You do not even need to go anywhere to buy Vanity Number. From here the Vanity Number will reach directly to your home and you do not even need to do anything special.

Complete process of buying Vodafone Vanity Number-

To buy Vodafone’s Vanity Number, you have to go to VI’s official site. After going here you have to enter the basic details. At the top you have to enter Pincode and Mobile Number. After this, a list of VIP Fancy Number will appear in front of you. In the last you have to enter the Email Address to order the number.

In the last you will see the option of Proceed to checkout. After this you can easily go and order the mobile number. Vodafone’s ‘99999….’ is the most popular. This series also remains in the highest demand. However, many Vanity Numbers also have to be bought by paying a price. You can also visit the store to buy it.

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Airtel VIP Number Process-

Airtel also gives many Vanity Numbers. You can buy it easily. If you want to buy a VIP number of Airtel, then you have to order by visiting the official site of Airtel. After going here you will have to apply for a simple number. After this you will get a call and you can demand Vanity Number. You have to fill a form for Airtel new number process. You will have to pay around 25 thousand rupees for Airtel’s Vanity Number. You may also have to pay up to Rs 1 lakh for Vanity Number.


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