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VKontakte will automatically improve low-quality videos using neural networks

Thanks to the neural network provided by the VK Video service team, all 250 million videos posted on the platform will be brought to high resolution, even those that were posted by users even before the mass distribution of high-definition cameras. Therefore, in the future, all content of the VK Video library will receive high resolution.

According to the technical director of VKontakte, VK Video and VK Zvonkov, Alexander Tobol, the idea of ​​creating a neural network NeuroHD appeared on the basis of users searching for high-definition video, which the specialists of the VK Video service constantly monitored. As a result, a neural network was developed that is trained on the basis of two models: one of them generates enlarged images, and the other checks the generated images so that they do not differ from the real ones. In addition, the principles of NeuroHD work allow using information about neighboring fragments to improve the frame and thus obtain a clearer image without “floating artifacts”.

“We’ve noticed an increase in the popularity of the High Quality filter in video search. To satisfy the request of VK Video users, we have developed an ML-technology for improving the quality of NeuroHD video. It provides video conversion at real-time speed and has high performance to efficiently use the computing power of the platform and client devices. At NeuroHD, we were able to find a unique combination of model settings, training data, and infrastructure solutions. As a result, 40 million users of VK Video will now be able to watch videos in higher resolution, even if initially it was not, ”said the representative of VKontakte.

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High-resolution videos are already available in a number of groups and public pages on VKontakte. Their list is constantly expanding: the administrator of any community can send a request to improve the quality of the video. To do this, just fill in shape.


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