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“VKontakte” began to warn about spoilers about the new movie about “Spider-Man”

Today in Russian cinemas begin showing a new film from the popular Marvel franchise – “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. VKontakte decided to take care of users who would not be able to watch the movie on the day of the premiere, and turned on a warning about premature disclosure of the plot on the social network.

So, even a day before the premiere, they began to warn about spoilers on the social network. You can try the innovation in the “smart” feed in the application and on the computer version. The function works like this – a post with the content of the movie’s plot is detected and a mark about potential spoilers is added to it with the disclosure of the main part of the text.

In addition, a special hub was added to the social network, in which users can view reviews of the past parts of Spider-Man, as well as view Easter eggs from trailers for the new movie, download unique emoji statuses and more.

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