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VK and Rostelecom bid to buy ivi online cinema along with MTS

Several sources familiar with the negotiations say that in addition to MTS, VK and Rostelecom are also bidding for the purchase of the online cinema. Although, until recently, the MTS operator was considered the main contender for the purchase.

The fact that ivi shareholders are looking for a buyer for their asset became known in mid-May. Then the main contender was called MTS, which at that time had been negotiating the purchase for several months. Now it turned out that there are more applicants, and ivi shareholders are collecting proposals from all those interested.

VK is changing its strategy and starting to build a business around social networks and content and media services, so the company wants to add a large online cinema to its assets.

Rostelecom is also developing the direction of online cinemas – earlier it became known that the state corporation was merging its own Wink service with These services will take 12% of the market share, which is still almost two times less than that of ivi – 21%.

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