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vivo India’s #XploreTheUnexplored Challenge: Four photographers capture the extreme views of India

The third phase of vivo India’s XploreTheUnexplored Challenge is over and the results are commendable. Four talented photographers have captured pictures of India, which show the beauty and diverse culture of this country in a very beautiful way. From the beautiful star-studded skies to the calming Ganga Aarti, he has presented India from his point of view.

vivo India challenged four renowned photographers – Ashiq Asim, Vineet Vohra, Rakesh Pulpa and Aamir Vani to capture some of India’s most unseen and challenging places with the help of vivo X90 Pro. For this, they have to travel starting from the four corners of India till Sihora in Madhya Pradesh, and reach the center and make an X on the map of India. During this, he also has to face four very difficult photography challenges. First And Second All the four photographers have passed the challenge. NBT team is continuously giving you updates related to what are these challenges and how photographers are passing them.

Despite this challenging journey so far, the enthusiasm of the photographers has not diminished. These challenges not only sharpened his #XtremeImagination but also inspired him to take amazing photographs. You can also see how he has brought to the fore Xtreme moments of India through photographs from his other pitstops.

Ashiq’s third challenge brought him to Varanasi. While roaming on the streets and Ganga Ghats here, the lovers passed through many memorable experiences. He captured a very beautiful picture of Ganga Aarti on camera to complete the Xtreme Night challenge found in vivo India’s #XploreTheUnexplored Challenge. However, it was quite a challenge for him to get a clear photo due to the smoke rising from the diyas on the ghat and the low light. For this challenging task, he used Vivo X90 Pro’s Night Sports Mode and managed to capture the amazing view of Ganga Ghat in the camera.

Vivo X90 Pro’s Night Sports Mode is capable of taking Xtreme Clear pictures easily even in low light due to its smart features. This feature of the phone helped Aashiq to successfully complete his third challenge.
For his third challenge Xtreme Night, Vineet wanted to go to Indore’s famous Sarafa Bazar and click pictures of people enjoying street food. To accomplish this, he used the Vivo X90 Pro’s 50 MP portrait camera with IMX758 sensor and managed to capture some great portrait shots even in low light.
Due to the large sensor, aperture and better OIS of the 50 MP portrait camera, Vineet’s shots came out Xtremely clear even in low light. These features ensured that Vineet was able to capture the expressions on the faces of the food lovers of Indore with great sharpness.
While Vineet enjoyed the bustling Indore market, Rakesh found peace under the night sky at Somasila. For his new Xtreme Sky Challenge, Rakesh wanted to capture Night SKy on camera. For this, he pitched his tent at Somasila itself, lit a campfire and enjoyed the beautiful views of the sky. However, in capturing this view in the picture, the clouds kept coming forward as a challenge. He is thankful that he had vivo X90 Pro and its Handheld Astro Mode, with the help of which he completed this Xtreme Challenge in a few moments as soon as the clouds came out.
With the Vivo X90 Pro’s Handheld Astro Mode, Rakesh also completed the difficult task of taking clear photos of the sky and bright stars. The Handheld Astro Mode’s Night Sky Imaging System helped him capture images with sharp focus even in extremely low light. This is the reason why the picture of the star-studded night sky that came out was very clear.
Aamir’s third Xtreme Shot challenge was very different and difficult than the others. He had to photograph such a place from a new perspective. To complete his challenge in Gwalior, instead of focusing on any one place in the city, Aamir used his XtremeImagination and captured a very different picture on camera. Aamir used the Miniature Effect feature in ZEISS Landscape and Architecture Mode to capture the grandeur of the city of Gwalior in one of his innovative shots.
The Miniature Effect feature in ZEISS Landscape and Architecture Mode turns Gwalior into a miniature landscape using Tilt-shift. Due to the Blur Algorithm, the slight blur effect visible in the picture was giving a futuristic touch to the photo.
It’s hard to believe how quickly these photographers are getting closer to the finish line. You can watch the journey so far and the challenges ahead of these renowned photographers as they prepare for their last leg. Here can see. Stay tuned to know where vivo India’s #XploreTheUnexplored challenge takes them next.
Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of vivo India by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.


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