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Visit space for Rs 1 crore, all tickets for 2024 sold out, chance in 2025, launching from floating spaceport

The field of space tourism can gain momentum in the next few years. Companies all over the world are gearing up to enter this sector. American space company Space Perspective is also one of them. It wants to send tourists into space using ‘balloons’ on a large scale. Now this company is buying ships so that they can be converted into ‘floating spaceports’. Florida-based Space Perspective has acquired the 292-foot-long shipping vessel from a Los Angeles-based shipbuilder.

Daily Mail’s Report According to, the name of this ship has now been changed to MS Voyager. It will become the world’s first ‘sea spaceport’ for human spaceflight. With its help, the company will launch its luxury passenger capsule ‘Space Neptune’. This passenger capsule will be sent into space with the help of an inflated balloon the size of a football stadium.

However, for space flight, people will have to loose their pockets fiercely. The company is currently selling tickets for its space flights as well. If you also want to ride in ‘Space Neptune’, then its ticket is $ 125,000, which is more than one crore rupees. It is claimed that by riding in it, people will be able to roam the space safely. They will get a chance to see the magnificent view of the earth.

According to the company, the Earth can be seen in 360-degrees in this capsule. The capsule will also have bathrooms, bars and on-board Wi-Fi facilities. The first flight will start in the year 2024. The journey of each capsule will be of 6 hours. During this time the capsule will go to the stratosphere about 1 lakh feet above the surface of the earth. 8 passengers will be able to board in each capsule.

It is to be noted that all the tickets for the 2024 yatra have been sold out. However, you do not need to be disappointed. Tickets can be booked for the journey of the year 2025. Customers will have to pay an advance of about one thousand dollars i.e. about 82 thousand rupees. The rest of the payment will be taken later. Tabor McCallum and Jane Poynter lead Space Perspectives. Both are husband and wife. In the year 2019, he started his firm.

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