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Virus Alert: Caution! Diavol PC Virus Attacks Email – PC Lock, See Details


  • Diavol malware activated
  • CERT-In warns of virus
  • Users need to be alert

Navi Delhi : A new virus is currently under discussion and an alert has been issued by the Government of India regarding the virus. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) Has warned about this virus. This ransomware spreads through email and causes financial loss to users. According to the alert, the virus is targeting Windows computers. Upon entering the PC, it gives hackers control of the device, and hackers lock the PC remotely. After that, they demand money from the users in exchange for unlocking the PC.

Ransomware is a type of malware that completely locks the system or important files. Hackers then demand money from Bitcoin users. Hackers delete files or make the PC unusable if users do not pay. CERT-In mentions this ransomware in its advisory. According to the advisory, Dewall is a ransomware compiled with Microsoft Visual C / C ++ compiler. It creates files with encrypted user mode Asynchronous Procedure Calls.

Diavol malware spreads via email:

Download Link

According to CERT-In, Diavol malware spreads via email. It contains OneDrive link. OneDrive link redirects users to download zip files. This ISO file contains LNK file and DLL. Once it is opened, malware infects users’ devices. To avoid this ransomware, users need to update the software and operating system with new patches. Try to find Threats by scanning all incoming and outgoing messages. You can use a good anti-virus for this.


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