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Violence in PoK has become an alarm bell for Pakistan, know what are the demands of the protesters

Pakistan occupied Kashmir: The highest voting percentage for the 2024 Lok Sabha was recorded in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir after 1996. Whereas, in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Kashmiris are seen raising their voice against the step-motherly behavior of Islamabad since May 9. Where in the capital Muzaffarabad, thousands of people have come out on the streets over the rising prices of electricity and flour.

According to the report of Hindustan Times, incidents of violence and arson are being reported during protests in many cities including Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. However, Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz Sharif had announced a relief package of 68 million dollars for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Violent protests stopped after the announcement of this package, but due to rising inflation in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The ongoing movement has become a danger signal for Islamabad.

Know what are the demands of the protesters in POK?

The protesters are raising several demands, in which Pakistan Occupied Kashmir should get wheat subsidy equal to Gilgit-Baltistan and the electricity bill should be based on the cost generated from the Mangla Dam Project. At the same time, the people of PoK are also demanding complete abolition of unnecessary allowances and privileges of government officials. There is also a demand to remove restrictions on student unions and conduct elections. Protests are also being held in PoK regarding making Jammu and Kashmir Bank a scheduled bank.

Along with this, money and powers should be given to the Municipal Corporation representatives. The rates of cellular companies and internet services should be fixed as per the standards. Apart from this, the tax on transfer of property should be reduced. Also, most importantly, there should be a strict ban on cutting trees in PoK.

No coverage in western media in PoK

At the same time, Pakistan government and western media did not give much coverage to the anarchy spread in PoK. Strong protests were organized by the local people in Magar, Samahmi, Sehansa, Mirpur, Dadiyal, Rawalkot, Khuiratta, Tattapani and Hattian Bala. Let us tell you that since then the police had arrested about 70 workers of Jammu and Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee.

Due to this there was a clash between the police and the protesters. In which one police officer died and more than 100 people were seriously injured. Many policemen are also included in these.

What is the reason for protests in PoK?

Actually, Jammu and Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee is a socio-political organization in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, which includes businessmen, transporters and lawyers. Who has been at the forefront of protests due to rising prices of electricity, petrol and flour in PoK. During this time, JAAC had called for a ‘long march’ in Muzaffarabad on 11 May, which was stopped by the Pakistan government with raids and arrest of activists on 8-9 May.

However, during the violent protests, protesters set fire to three vehicles of Pakistan Rangers. Along with this, the protesters raised anti-Pakistan and pro-independence slogans. Let us tell you that the internet was closed in Pakistan occupied Kashmir since last week. Besides, schools and business establishments were also closed.

Pakistan government bowed to the demands of the protesters

During this, Pakistani paramilitary forces used force to suppress the protests of activists alleging human rights violations. It is being told that the protest was so violent that PM Sharif had to call for peace from the protesters. Ultimately the Pakistani government had to bow to the protesters’ demands related to subsidized electricity and fuel. Since the protests, Islamabad has deployed three battalions of army and Pakistan Rangers besides police.

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