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Vikram S Launching | Country’s first private rocket ‘Vikram-S’ will fly in some time from now, know why the mission is special. Navabharat (New India)

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New Delhi. Today i.e. on Friday, November 18, the country’s first private rocket ‘Vikram-S’ is going to be launched. This particular rocket has been manufactured by ‘Skyroot Aerospace’, a start-up company from Hyderabad. And today ISRO is going to launch India’s first private rocket ‘Vikram-S’ from its center in Sriharikota. After its historic launch, private rocket companies will also enter India’s space mission.

Let us tell you that the preparations for the first launch of Vikram-S rocket have been completed. It will also pave a new way for the entry of the private sector in the country’s space industry, which has been dominated by the state-owned ISRO for decades.

Prior to the launch of the first private rocket ‘Vikram-S’, now ‘Skyroot Aerospace’ has also become the first private sector company in India, which has been included in the Indian space program after the central government opened the space industry to the private sector in 2020. is taking its first steps.

Let us tell you that the ‘Vikram-S’ rocket will be launched a little later i.e. at around 11:30 am today. However, before this there was pre-planning to launch it on 15th November. After being launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center today, ‘Vikram-S’ will reach an altitude of 81 km. Explain that the rocket has been named after the father of the Indian Space Program and the late Great Scientist of India, Vikram Sarabhai.

Know the special features of ‘Vikram-S’

  • It is a 6 meter tall rocket.
  • It is fitted with 3-D printed concrete propellers for stability of its rotation.
  • This special mission has been named ‘Prarambh’.
  • The weight of this rocket is about 545 kg.
  • Instead of common fuel, LNG i.e. Liquid Natural Gas and Liquid Oxygen (LoX) is being used in this rocket.
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