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Video with dangerous Trojan and miner appeared on YouTube

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered an unusual malicious campaign on YouTube. Under the guise of gaming content, attackers distribute a whole range of malicious files.

They upload video descriptions of “cheats” and “cracks”, instructions on how to hack this or that game or software into existing channels without the knowledge of their owners and insert malware directly into these videos, and add a link to a malicious RAR archive to their descriptions. . If you download it, it will immediately begin to self-extract.

To attract the attention of gamers, attackers use videos about popular games: APB Reloaded, CrossFire, DayZ, Dying Light 2, F1 22, Farming Simulator, Farthest Frontier, FIFA 22, Final Fantasy XIV, Forza, Lego Star Wars, Osu!, Point Blank , Project Zomboid, Rust, Sniper Elite, Spider-Man, Stray, Thymesia, VRChat and Walken.

Video with dangerous Trojan and miner appeared on YouTube

The malicious archive contains several files, including RedLine. This is a very common Trojan that can steal logins, passwords, bank card data and information from autofill forms in browsers based on Chromium and Gecko engines, data from crypto wallets, instant messengers and FTP / SSH / VPN clients, as well as search devices for files with certain extensions . In addition, RedLine can download third-party programs, execute commands in cmd.exe, and open links in the browser that launches first by default. The danger is not only RedLine itself, but also the fact that this set of malware can spread itself.

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Another element of the malicious archive is the miner. Malefactors hunt not only for the data of gaming accounts, they are also interested in the resources of gaming computers. In this case, they presumably define video cards that can later be used for mining.



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