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Video review of the Zalman Reserator5 Z36 liquid cooling system with a large radiator and a double pump

Zalman introduced the Zalman Reserator5 Z36 maintenance-free liquid cooling system with a large 360mm radiator and three fans, available in white and black. You can learn more about the features of the LSS Zalman Reserator5 Z36 from our video review.

The radiator made of aluminum includes 12 channels located at a distance of 8 mm from each other. The density of the ribs is 21 FPI (plates per inch). On one of the ends of the radiator there are two fittings with hoses pressed onto them, connecting the radiator to the pump and water block unit.

Three 120 mm fans of the Zalman ZMR5-PWM (ZE1225ASH) model without illumination are installed on the radiator, equipped with a seven-bladed impeller with a diameter of 113 mm and a stator with a diameter of 43 mm. The fan speed is in the range from 800 to 2200 rpm.

The water block with a pump has an original design. Unlike other maintenance-free liquid coolers, the Reserator5 Z36 pump has two drives and two impellers instead of one. One of the rotors pumps liquid into the water block, and the second one drains it. This change in the design of the pump has significantly increased its performance.

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