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Video cards will start to fall in price in March-April. But not all

Even though Bitcoin has been falling in price in recent weeks, video cards do not strive to follow the main cryptocurrency of the world. Still, there is still a shortage of 3D accelerators on the market. Nevertheless, as the source writes with reference to industry insiders, the long-awaited shifts may take place in the market in the near future: top-end video cards and mid-range models will begin to fall in price. The process will begin around February-March, if there are no extraordinary events that can support the cost of 3D accelerators. Well, a more noticeable decrease in prices will begin to be recorded in the second quarter of the year – from April.

One of the pressure factors that can affect the price reduction, the source calls Intel Arc video cards – after their release, AMD and Nvidia can reduce the cost of their 3D accelerators. As for the situation on the market at the moment, according to the source, the supply of Nvidia RTX 30 video cards in December decreased by 20% compared to November, but the supply of old video cards – GeForce RTX 2060, GTX 1650 Ti, GTX 1650 and others – in December increased by about 15%.


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