Friday, February 23, 2024

Very useful feature in WhatsApp! Spam calls will now be blocked in a jiffy, here’s the method

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A useful new feature has been added to WhatsApp through which the user will be able to block spam calls coming on WhatsApp from the phone’s lock screen itself. That means the user will not need to go to the app for this. It is often seen that users of messaging apps like WhatsApp get troubled by spam messages or calls. In such a situation, this new feature of Whatsapp is going to give great relief to the users. How you can activate it in your WhatsApp, complete information is given below.

WhatsApp The new feature allows users to identify and block spam messages without the need to unlock the device or go into the app to block spam. Let us tell you how this feature works. Whenever a spam message notification appears on the lock screen, the user has to long press on that notification, which opens various options. One of these options is to immediately block the sender. After blocking, the messaging app also shows another prompt in which the blocked sender can also be reported.

However, when a call or message comes from an unknown number on WhatsApp, the option to add it to the contact list, block it, or report it is also shown. However, if you want to block a contact then follow these steps- Go to Settings > Privacy > Blocked contacts > Add >. Here, search or select the contact you want to block.

A feature is also going to come soon on WhatsApp in which messages can be sent on other platforms also. For example if someone Instagram If you want to send a message, then that message can be received on WhatsApp also. For this, a section of Third Party Chats is going to be available in the app soon. In this, messages from other platforms will be shown.

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