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Velev Motors VEV 01 electric moped offers range of up to 80 km in single charge read full details of price and features Moped, read full details

The market for electric two wheelers is growing rapidly in India, due to which a long range of electric scooters are present in this segment today which are made to meet the commercial as well as domestic needs.

In this long range of electric scooters, today we are talking about the electric moped VEV 01 of Velev Motors, an electric two wheeler manufacturer, which is a unique design electric scooter.

The company has designed this moped in such a way that apart from completing your domestic tasks, it can also be used in business activities.

Velev Motors has launched this electric moped VEV 01 in the market with a starting price of Rs 32,500 and this starting price is also the on-road price of this moped.

If you want to buy this moped for your domestic or commercial use, then know here the complete details of this electric scooter from battery power to its range and speed.

Talking about the battery and power of this electric moped, it has a lead acid battery pack with 48V, 24 AH capacity. The battery pack comes with a 250W power motor which is based on BLDC technology. Regarding the charging of the battery pack, the company claims that on charging with a regular charger, this battery gets fully charged in 6 to 8 hours.

Regarding the range of this electric moped, the company claims that once fully charged, this scooter gives a range of 75 to 80 kilometers. Top speed of 25 kmph is available with this range.

Talking about the braking system of the moped, a combination of drum brakes has been given in both its front and rear wheels which are regenerative system.
Talking about the features of the moped, features like digital speedometer, digital trip meter, push button start, digital instrument console, LED head light, LED tail light have been given in it.

Making the moped user-friendly, the company has made it very light weight in which its curb weight is 34 kg and this scooter can easily move even after loading 100 kg.

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