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Valve designer says the company wants to develop Half-Life and Portal

A few days ago, the Famitsu website published an interview with the developers from Valve. And the game designer, producer of the company, Greg Kumer, said that the company has several projects in production. He did not elaborate on the details, but noted that game development is still an important aspect for the company. Coomer also stated that there are many people involved in the projects.

In addition, the producer clarified that Valve wants to develop the Half-Life franchise, although it is not yet clear how exactly this is planned to be done. Coomer himself has stated that he wants to someday be involved in the development of the next Portal game.

The designer also noted that the release of the spin-off Half-Life: Alyx for virtual reality helmets was a kind of sign that the company has something to tell within the game series.

To date, the company has not made any official announcements. And of the latest games in the universe, only Half-Life: Alyx and the free Aperture Desk Job, which was released specifically for Steam Deck, can be noted.

Of the fan projects, Portal Reloaded on the Portal 2 engine, which uses a third, temporary portal, as well as Entropy : Zero 2 for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, can be noted.

Previously Coomer already declared that the company intends to create a new generation of Steam Deck

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