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Validity of 84 days in less than Rs 400, see Jio’s cheapest plan, this is the most affordable pack

Jio Recharge Plan 2022: Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company Reliance Jio has many plans available for its prepaid users which start from Rs. You also have WiFi in your house and in such a situation, you use mobile data only when you go out of the house, because of this, look for a plan with long validity that gives data but offers more validity or your mobile data consumption is less. If so, today we are going to tell you about a great Jio plan available for less than Rs 400.

Reliance Jio 395 Plan Details
Available in less than Rs 400, this plan has been made keeping in mind those Jio users who have WiFi in their house or those who need calling and long validity. Users who have Wi-Fi at home need mobile data only when they are out and this plan offers free unlimited calling with 6GB data and 1000 SMS in addition to long validity.

Jio 395 Plan Validity: See how many days validity will be available
With this Jio plan of Rs 395, the company offers a validity of 84 days to the users. This is the cheapest plan in the portfolio of Jio Prepaid Plans with a validity of 84 days. Let us also inform you about the other benefits available with the plan.

Jio 395 Plan Details: Other Benefits
With this plan, apart from only data, free calling and SMS, Jio Cinema for watching movies, Jio Tv for watching live TV, Jio Security and Jio Cloud gives free access.

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