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Using these 5 apps in mobile can be dangerous, avoid using


Very few photo editing apps are secure, so install any app carefully on the phone.
There is a big risk of virus or security in the phone from the photo editing camera app and gaming app.
Avoid downloading separate cleaner apps in mobile, they require all permissions.

New Delhi. You must have kept many apps in the smartphone, people who are themselves with smart skills, they rarely have any problem in the smartphone. But, people who download new or dangerous apps from any website except Google Play Store, then they get into troubles. Because, nowadays there is a flood of such apps, which can harm not only your phone but also the media files in it, your privacy, bank accounts, even your contacts.

To avoid any danger associated with apps, always keep in mind that download any app for your phone only from Google Play Store, no other medium is as secure.

Use apps only after checking-
1. Photo & Video Editing App: Yes, many apps have come for photo and video editing. In such a situation, you should keep in mind that only very few photo editing apps are secure. Google keeps banning many photo apps from the Play Store. Therefore, instead of using apps, buy only a smartphone with a better camera-feature.

2. Cleaner App: There are many cleaner apps to increase the phone speed, clear junk files or cache memory or keep the device cool. They have to give many permissions. Do not download separately. Don’t fall for free anti virus apps.

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3. Keyboard App: Use only Google typing apps.

4. Flash Light App: Now most of the phones are giving the option of inbuilt torch, so there is no need for separate apps.

5. Gaming Apps: Security is a big issue in the phone. Take only the top rated and millions of downloaded apps from the Play Store. Otherwise, the big danger will be from gaming apps because of children.


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