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Using Facebook* and Instagram* does not violate the law. WhatsApp* has no restrictions

Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation Andrei Klishas explained in his Telegram channel that the inclusion of Meta* in the list of terrorists and extremists does not mean that the use of Facebook* and Instagram* social networks will be a violation of the law.

Rosfinmonitoring’s decision to add Meta* to the list of extremist organizations does not change the situation for users of Meta* social networks, users of Meta* products do not violate the law. The legal situation has not changed in any way since the ruling of the court regarding Meta* products.

Andrey Klishas


Moscow began using WhatsApp* to serve subpoenas
Klishas also added that there are no restrictions on the WhatsApp messenger.
On October 11, Rosfinmonitoring added the American corporation Meta*, which owns the social networks Facebook* and Instagram, as well as the popular instant messenger WhatsApp*, to the list of terrorists and extremists.
There will be no legal liability for the use of social networks, while financial cooperation with Meta* may become a crime. About it already Prosecutors have started to warn.
*Meta is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by Meta.
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