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Users will not have these 3 problems in 5G service, India’s fastest network will not be like this!

New Delhi. 5G service has been launched in India. In such a situation, everyone is thinking of switching to 5G. So you should know a few things first. Because before switching to 5G service, you should know about its biggest feature. Today we are going to tell you about the 3 biggest features of 5G service, which you have to face while using 4G service-

Relief from call drop

Many people have to face the problem of call drops during 4G service. Call drops are a common problem when using multiple networks. Now if 5G service is starting, then it is simple that the network will be greatly improved. With the improvement in the network, you will also be free from the problem of call drops. Because companies have been working on 5G network for a long time.

Internet speed will improve-

The biggest advantage of 5G is going to be the internet speed. Because internet speed is not so good in 4G network, most of the people were eagerly waiting for 5G network. Apart from High Speed ​​Internet, 5G network also offers High Speed ​​Downloading. It will be beneficial that along with internet browsing, internet downloading can also be done in high speed.

Internet Connectivity-

Internet connectivity has also been worked out during 5G service. That is, there are many places where your smartphone is not able to connect to the Internet, so after the launch of 5G network, it will not be a problem. In such a situation, if you used to have trouble watching online videos many times, then now you will not have to face such trouble.

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