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Use these simple tricks to increase laptop battery life, the device will work longer, see tips

New Delhi: In this world of online and digital, you too may be using laptops. Work From Home and online education have greatly increased the use of laptops. All the important work is done on laptop nowadays. But, sometimes while working, the laptop runs out of battery and gets stuck in the work. As such, if the battery supports more hours, what could be better than that for laptop users. If you also have to deal with this problem, there is no need to worry. Windows11 gives you solutions to these problems. This software has many advantages. The most important thing is its operating system and even more amazing feature is Battery Management. This means that your laptop will now work with the battery saver option just like your mobile. You do not need to buy a new laptop for this, you can start working on Windows 11 in the current laptop.

Will work on your suggestions: What most people don’t realize is that their laptops or tablets have a battery saver option. Joe Windows 11 Allows longer battery use with. Once the setting is complete, your laptop turns on the automatic battery saver option and you can disable it whenever you want. For this you have to follow some simple steps. How to set up battery saver? To do this, first press the Start button and then type Settings. You will see the Power and Battery options in the System menu. Go to the Battery section and click on the Battery Saver option.

Then click on Turn On Now. Now you set the battery percentage. Then you need to activate the Battery Saver option. Be prepared for these issues: When the battery of your laptop falls below a certain percentage, the battery saver option will be activated and the laptop will run longer than usual. Once the battery saver option is activated, your device, Laptop, Tablet may decrease overall performance. Not only that, but sometimes you may have to deal with the problem of lagging in the laptop or tablet.

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