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Use SIM in smartphone like this, you will get bumper internet speed

New Delhi: Network problem always remains in people’s smartphones. Due to this problem, the speed of the internet becomes so low that nothing can be accessed. Even the ‘Hi’ message or any image sent on WhatsApp gets stuck for several minutes. That’s why people often get angry and change their telecom service provider first. Despite this, the problem of his slow speed remains the same.

Those who find it difficult to change the service provider, they keep trying to call the customer care. Still some problems are not solved. So if you are also a victim of this problem, then now your problem is going to end because we are going to tell you the easy trick, due to which you can increase the internet speed of your smartphone.

How does this trick work?

Now for the trick that we are going to tell you about, you do not have to do anything different or special, just you have to change the SIM card of your phone. You must have seen that you can use two SIM cards simultaneously in the SIM tray of the smartphone. However, you can use this trick only with smartphones which have the option of installing 2 SIM cards.

You must have also seen that the option of SIM tray one and SIM tray two is there in every smartphone nowadays. First of all, you have to check which of your sim card is in sim tray one and which sim card is in sim tray 2. If you have put a SIM card with normal calling in SIM tray one and a SIM card with internet in SIM tray two, then this can also be the reason for your phone’s internet speed is low.

Customer care also tells how

You should immediately put your internet SIM card in SIM tray one and put another SIM card in trains. Actually internet speed is very good in SIM tray one and it is a well known method. Just as soon as you put your internet SIM card in the tray one, you will feel that the internet speed has increased i.e. you are enjoying super fast internet speed.

Tired of complaining of slow speed, many people often ignore it despite being aware of it. At the same time, the customer care officer also tells the same SIM method to the customers along with checking the location information of their tower in your area. 

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