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Use Paytm, GPay, Bhim App! So don’t make these mistakes even by forgetting otherwise you will be pauper

From paying bills to booking tickets, in today’s world we all generally use UPI app, net banking. Be it a grocery store, a vegetable cart or a big shopping mall, nowadays online payment facility is available everywhere. Not only this, we also transfer or receive money through these methods which make our life easier and can also save time.

While digital payment methods are increasing on one hand, cyber crimes are increasing continuously. And fraudsters are looking for new ways to steal your money. There has been a rapid increase in the number of cyber crimes in India in the last few years. If you are using any digital payment app (whether Google Pay or PhonePe or Paytm), then definitely keep these things in mind, will also avoid fraud and will also be able to make secure payments: 

When making UPI payments, remember these things

1. Keep your UPI app updated
To keep yourself safe from cybercriminals, you should keep updating your UPI app from time to time. To enhance cyber security, companies provide new features with every update. In such a situation, always keep the UPI app updated.

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2. Never enter a PIN to receive payments

In any UPI app, the user is not required to enter his PIN to receive money. So, be careful if someone is asking you to enter your PIN while sending money.

3. Beware of Fraud Calls

Cyber ​​criminals not only try to steal money by sending links to people, but they also directly call users and ask them for their password, PIN etc. Remember, banks do not ask for such details over the call. So you should not fall prey to any such calls. 

4. Don’t click on any kind of link and don’t enter pin

these days people get attractive offers on mail and whatsapp, especially during festive season. Such links ask you to enter your PIN and other details to receive the ‘Gift’ or ‘Cashback’. So be careful with such links and should not open them. 

5. Create a Strong Password

Set a strong PIN while registering for the UPI service. Create a pin that no one can guess easily. UPI PIN usually consists of four or six digits.



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